Most healthy children, teens, and adults with chickenpox need only home treatment.  If you have chickenpox, you don’t need to stay in bed. But it’s best to stay quiet and rest. Anyone can develop chicken pox at any age.



It starts with fever of low grade, feeling of drowsiness as well as little headache. It is a viral disease that begins with spots red in colour appearing in group or separately on the surface of the skin. The most vulnerable areas are chest and the upper portion of the back. However, it can appear anywhere on the body. Chickenpox occurs rarely in the lifetime of a person but most of the people develop it once in their life.

In the next stage, skin lesions or rashes becomes blood blisters and develop into a tiny rise on the surface of the skin. The rise on the skin produces an outer layer that begins to collapse.


Chicken pox spreads through globule of discharge emerging from respiratory portion of the body only when a person have cough or starts sneezing. Another condition in which chicken pox can break out is straight touch with varicella lesions which is one of the varieties of virus family. Normally, the maximum period ranges from ten days to twenty one days. Nevertheless in normal cases, a patient can be effectively treated in two weeks time.

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