Diarrhoea is repeated passage of loose or semi-liquid stools in large quantities. It is the result chiefly of indigestion or bacterial or chemical irritation and under certain circumstances, it is nervous in origin. In diarrhoea there is no tenesmus (or bearing down and stools are large in quantity and without mucus or slime. For distinction from cholera, see under the heading, Cholera.

Take Care about

Keep patient warm in bed so far as practical. Give him to drink boiled water when cooled. Weak tea (without milk), ghole (butter-milk, whey), glucose in water, coconut water. As soon as the diarrhoea subsides, arrowroot or barley gruel or plasmon arrowroot or Horlick’s malted milk be given. Albumen-water may also be given. Thereafter soups and finally rice may be allowed

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